German Christmas Ad Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons …See Why


Whenever Christmas comes around, there always seems to be that one commercial that reminds us what the season is really all about. This year, a different kind of ad from a German supermarket, Edeka, seems to have captured that Christmas Spirit.  However, the manner in which this coming together was manipulated has sparked some controversy… What do you think?


The commercial begins with a sad and lonely elderly man watching his neighbors exchanging warm Christmas greetings with family members while listening to a voicemail of his grown-up kids saying they won’t make it for Christmas.


Still, he puts on a neat suit and sits down in the wide dining table and eats Christmas dinner by himself.




Then his children received a note that said their father died.

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They quickly arranged their plans and scheduled their trips home. Sad about their father’s passing, they walked together into the house only to find out everything was set for dinner.

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From the kitchen, the elderly man reappeared. It seemed like he pulled off an ingenious trick to get his kids and grandchildren together.

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Since it was uploaded, the commercial has gone viral. Perhaps many were able to relate to it.


Nevertheless, it carries a very important reminder. That is the fact that the people we love are the ones we easily take for granted, so by the time they are gone, the guilt that we feel becomes really unbearable.


It’s never late to cherish your loved ones. Now that it’s the season of loving, giving, and sharing, make time for them. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about.




Watch the sly commercial below.


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