This Little Girl and Her Pit Bull’s Sad Ending Gave Birth to Another Amazing Friendship


Dogs are known to be extremely loyal to their human families. They protect their masters from any potential threat. They keep them company whenever they have time. They even form amazing bonds not only with adults but also with the young ones.

Although it is common to hear tales about their loyalty and friendship, we have to admit these never fail to amaze us. And among all stories, this one about a pit bull and a family left a mark in the hearts of many readers.

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At first, the little girl’s dad was a bit hesitant about getting a family pit bull because it is notorious for causing harm to kids. He then warned his wife to let the dog go once it caused trouble. However, all his fears turned to compassion because instead of destroying things, the dog showed what it meant to be a man’s best friend.


Before adopting the pit bull and Labrador cross named Zack, the couple already owned two dogs. When the little girl they were expecting was delivered, the husband told his wife, “If he nips so much at the baby, he’s gone.”


So they brought their infant home in a car seat. In an instant, all the dogs started sniffing and licking her while tails were wagging. But then again, Zack wouldn’t stop doing it. It appears like he was eager to become the baby’s savior and guide.


Time passed, and their bond became stronger. Whenever Zack saw the girl lying on a blanket on the floor, he would always have his one foot on the blanket.Zack loved the little girl so much that even when she learned how to walk, he still slept on the bed with her. As a matter of fact, he knew if it was already time to go to bed because he would wait patiently at the foot of the stairs, then would follow the girl up to her room.


But as they say, every beautiful story has an end. One day, Zack was poisoned by some envious kids around the block. For the couple, it was one of the worst days of their lives. It was hard for them to watch their little girl weep and say good-bye to the loyal dog that was lying dead on the kitchen floor.


At that night, the young girl had to walk up to the stairs alone. The couple already knew what was about happen because for 5 years, she always had Zack to accompany her upstairs. She immediately searched for her parents and stared at them with a look of panic and horror.

At that moment, Sam, one of the two dogs, stood up, walked over the little girl, and poked her with his head. Then he led her up to the stairs. As they walked up, the little girl held tightly to his neck.


Since Zack died, Sam waited for the girl by the stairs every night, seemingly taking over the job his late friend had to do every day.

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