Given Up for Dead, See How Lazarus the Cat Returned From Death’s Door


Everybody deserves a second chance at life, even animals. Here is one story of a poor little kitten who got trapped and frozen under a fresh snowfall.

One chilly Thanksgiving morning, the Bingham family found a cold, almost lifeless body of a kitty under the snow. Instead of leaving him there, they decided to rescue the cat and take him inside. The body of the cat was so light, but it wasn’t stiff. So they thought of nursing him in hopes that he could still be brought back to his normal and healthy state.

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Branden Bigham, who administered the CPR on the animal, was about to give up on the poor creature, but in a sudden twist of fate, the cat showed signs of life.

The furry cat was then named appropriately—Lazarus. Then he was adopted by another member of the family.


Watch how Lazarus is nursed back to life in the video report below

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