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The Creepiest and the Most Shocking Google Earth Images You’ll Find


Google Earth is a wonderful tool for getting directions. It is also used by a lot of people to explore places around the world from the comfort of their own home. But not every image caught on Google Earth is for the faint of heart as there is a possibility you will come across something straight out of the twilight zone every once in a while.

So just what is the explanation behind these strange images? It’s a million-dollar question, but perhaps, it will forever remain unanswered.

Check out this collection of the most bizarre and disturbing Google Earth images.

The Most Shocking Google Earth Images You’ll Ever Find

Proof of the third kind?

On 8 Rue Docteur Grandjean in Nancy Lorraine, France, a lone figure that strongly resembled an alien was captured by Google Earth

Creepy Figure

A sequel to The PurgeYou definitely wouldn’t want your car to break down on this road!

Car Bandits

A kidnap victim or a sexual fetish?


This naked man getting out of the trunk of a car generated quite the buzz online! To this day, no one knows the true motive behind this creepy and perverse photo.

This unlucky teen gets robbed in broad daylight


According to reports, the victim was robbed of his bike, phone, and $230. Google turned the images over to authorities and the perpetrators were brought to justice.

Who would dare to abandon their child in a public area? Google Earth captured this unsettling photo of a baby crawling outside a Gucci store in New York!

Left Alone

Prison break—an inmate is seen making the run to freedom down a dusty South African road

Escaped Prison

A tragedy in Richmond, California

Teen Lifeless Body

The distraught father of murder victim Kevin Barrera asked Google to remove a 2013 image of his son’s dead body. In the photo, which was passed around the Internet, shows police standing over the teen’s lifeless body in 2009.

The city of Detroit has struggled with high crime rates over the years and a majority of the violence is a result of illegal drugs. But no one from Google expected to be a target of such crime.

When a Google car drove along the streets of Detroit, a group of men found it amusing to point their guns toward it. Disturbingly enough, the body of a one-year-old was found in a closet in the same area where the photo was taken.


Speaking of gun violence, this mystery man was captured walking down an unnamed street, holding what appears to be a pistol

Gun Man

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