After Tedious Adoption Process, Grandma Bursts into Tears as She Holds Grandchild for the First Time


Donny and Miranda Goeb faced many challenges in their quest to adopt a baby and start their own family. The couple, who are both part of the Air Force and are stationed in Hawaii, finally got to see the end of their search last October 2015.

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When the couple heard about a woman who was looking for someone who could look after her daughter, the Goebs started the expensive and meticulous process of filing for adoption.

Being stationed in Hawaii, Donny and Miranda hardly got the chance to go home. They only visited their parents once in a while.

Miranda’s mom was aware of her daughter’s plan to adopt, but the couple didn’t tell her that they were already starting the process.

The couple was faced with a financial problem when they were still completing the adoption process, but their desire to finally have a child did not stop them from pursuing it.

Hospital adoption was a nightmare for the Donny and Miranda; it always has been for would-be parents. The cost skyrocketed, and the couple found it hard to pay everything that needed to be paid for. So Miranda set up a GoFundMe and wrote, “God saw us through in ways we could have never thought to ask or consider.”

The couple was able to secure a loan to cover the finances and made sure they were able to bring their baby, whom they named Lily, home.

As expected, Miranda’s mom was in no way aware that her daughter would be bringing home the surprise of the lifetime. When Don and Miranda paid a visit in December 2015, Lily’s grandmother met her granddaughter for the first time—and her reaction was beyond priceless.



She burst into tears when she realized that the baby she was holding was really her grandchild. Everything was caught on cam, and the clip is enough to brighten up your day.

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