See the Grown-Up Men Who Play with Barbies Like Kids


Who says Barbie dolls are only for girls? Well, you’re wrong because we have some dudes here having a play date with Barbie and Ken at Barbie’s Dream House. And they enjoyed it tremendously.

Will said that he actually never played with Barbie when he was younger, but he admitted he had an intense feeling for the perfect doll.

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While another guy named Eli confessed that this was a “BIG F*CKING DEAL” for him.


And of course, a Barbie is not Barbie without its hot ensemble. Josh definitely had a hard time outfitting Barbie.


While this other guy seems confident and very accustomed to clothing women, just look at his wardrobe selections.


And after Barbie got into her perfect outfit, the perfect man Ken arrives for they have a date. And the guys were so excited!


The charming part here was when the guys tried to make in-real-life conversation between the two dolls, Ken and Barbie, during their Dream House date. It was hilariously funny.


The gents were surprised at some of the features of the Dream House. After playing, they realized that Barbie doll is enjoyable to play with. They now appreciate Barbie.


And really, Elvis said it best, Barbie is so versatile. “It’s whatever you want it to be!”

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