These Adult Popsicles Are guaranteed to Get You Drunk …I’ll Take 2, Please


Looking for ways to keep cool and keep that buzz going at the same time? Look no more because these Popsicle sticks are your answers!

Watermelon-Mint Tequila Ice Pops

If you look at it, a watermelon is basically begging to be transformed into a Popsicle. That’s just how the fruit is. Get the recipe here.

Mudslide Ice Pops


Want to transform a creamy vanilla base much more interesting? Just mix Kahlua, Baileys, and Vodka, then enjoy. Check out the recipe here.

Sex on the Beach Poptails


It’s not as dirty as it sounds, but it sure is just as delicious. Get the recipe here.

Paloma Ice Pops


Finally, the grapefruit and tequila have hooked up together. Get the recipe here.

Peach Sangria Ice Pops

Now that’s what we call chunks. Get the recipe here.


Raspberry Caipirinha Ice Pops

Usually, this exquisite Popsicle requires kumquats, but if you choose an old, plain orange juice over them, your secret’s safe with us. Get the recipe here.

Piña Colada Ice Pops

Do you like Piña Coladas or getting caught in the rain? Get the recipe here.

French 75 Ice Pops


With lemon, champagne, and gin being involved, what could go wrong? Get the recipe here.

Summer White Wine and Fruit Ice Pops


It looks so cute. Your (small) fruits will definitely work with this one. Get the recipe here.

Papaya Breeze Ice Pops


This is exactly what you do if you have a bottle of rosé wine lying around. Get the recipe here.


Baileys Poptails


Ever fancied an Irish coffee in very sweet Popsicle form? Get the recipe here.

Boozy Frozen Peach Pops


With vodka, OJ, and strawberries. Get the recipe here.

Peach Bourbon Lemonade Ice Pops


This is basically all the best things about summer in a Popsicle. Get the recipe here.

Mint Julep Ice Pops


Doesn’t this photo alone just make you want to indulge in these majestic pops? Get the recipe here.

Boozy Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Pops


Never thought this was possible, but since it is, let’s get some! Get the recipe.


Tropical Tequila Sunrise Ice Pops


This isn’t just another tequila sunrise. It consists of grenadine, pineapple, and—you guessed it right—tequila. Get the recipe here.

Cherry Lambic Cream Ice Pops


This Popsicle is literally fruity. Especially since it has a fruity lambic beer in it. Get the recipe here.

Kiwi Moscato Ice Pops


This one will really set the trend. Get the recipe here.

Bourbon Butterscotch Latte Poptails

An amazing twist to your bourbon. Get the recipe here.

Campari Citrus Ice Pops

enhanced-9129-1403293313-10If you haven’t tried Campari yet, this is an awesome way to do so. Get the recipe here.

Cucumber, Ginger, and Gin Ice Pops


This will truly cool your summer down. Get the recipe here.

Watermelon Margarita Poptails


Cute little poptails, aren’t they? Get the recipe here.

Pimm’s Cup Ice Pops


Served with cucumber, fruit, and ginger soda, Pimm’s is a delicious British aperitif. Get the recipe here.

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