Hairless Husky

Is That You, Fido? Hairless Husky Goes Viral on Twitter


The summer heat can be very unforgiving. As the temperature drops, there are different ways people keep cool. For instance, some people wear tank tops and short shorts, while others get their haircut to feel more breezy. If you have a pet dog of your own, you might already be aware that haircuts help regulate their body temperatures during summer. On some occasions, haircuts are recommended for more serious health reasons.

There are some dog breeds that require grooming more often. Moreover, there are certain dog coats that are specifically designed to keep them safe from harsh elements. For example, the husky needs its natural fur coat to protect it from sun, heat, and snow. This is why you’ve never seen a hairless husky. Well, that was until you decided to click on this article.

Hairless Husky Becomes Viral on Twitter

A bizarre picture of a hairless husky has gone viral, and it has left people confused. The photo began to trend after Twitter user OmonaKami posted it with the caption “If you’ve never seen a husky with absolutely no body hair, then here you go. Enjoy.”

The dog appears to be shaven down basically everywhere except the face and the tail, making it appear extremely disproportionate. It almost looks like the photo was altered, but it is very, very real. Commenters have less-than-kind words to say about the photo, with many expressing their concern for the dog.

Twitter users used the words “horrific,” “wrong,” and “disturbing” to describe what was going on in the picture.

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Hair Shaved

So far, no one has come forward to tell the real story behind the photo. To be fair, some dogs need to be shaved. Take for example rescue animals, a majority of them arrive at shelters with extremely matted coats that the only way to deal with it is to shave the fur off.

Whatever the case, there is no denying that the dog appears to be more like a caricature than an actual pup.

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