Rescuing suicidal woman from china

Heroic Firefighter Rescues Suicidal Chinese Woman



A Chinese woman on the brink of suicide is immediately rescued by an unnamed firefighter.

This suicide attempt happened in Tongren City in southwest China’s Guizhou Province.

In the less than one minute video, a Chinese woman, whose slits were apparently cut, stood swaying on the ledge on the building’s 7th floor  while nervous onlookers watch below. A small group of firefighters prepare an air cushion below as family and police try to persuade her from continuing the suicide.

Unknown to her, a brave firefighter harnessed safely from the window risks his own life and jumps on to the ledge with her. The woman briefly struggles from her rescuer’s attempt before she was quickly pulled to safety. She was later taken to a hospital for treatment.



Watch the nerve wrecking rescue from the video below:

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