Hidden Camera Reveals Nursery Teacher’s Part-Time Job as Prostitute!


Footage of a nursery teacher working as a prostitute has leaked online, and now the Russian teacher is going to court.

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Twenty-two-year -old Katya Gorlova can be seen in the footage wearing lingerie and accepting $30 US dollars (3,000 rubles) from a male customer.

In the video, Gorlova tells the man that her day job involves working with children and teaching them to sing and dance.


Gorlova, who also goes by  the name Anastasia Monpasye, is now facing an investigation at work. She says she is planning to file a case against the person who leaked the footage.


In her defense, Gorlova says she did not provide intimate services regularly, but that she is a single woman who can do “whatever she wants.”

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