How to Make an Epic Ice Cream Sandwich No One Can Resist


Anyone with a sweet tooth will always want a bigger dessert. So, if you know how to make a humongous treat, wouldn’t you always make one for yourself and for others. And, I’d bet you’d do it every so often if it is an ice cream sandwich.

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Basically, ice cream sandwiches are basically vanilla ice cream placed in between two slices of chocolate cake. However, a lot of variations have been made over time and the ice cream used have gone from vanilla, to chocolate, to pistachio, and to just about every flavor, while the chocolate cake has made way for cookies, waffles, brownies, and even macarons.


But, the video below is not just about making the usual ice cream sandwich. It is about making the biggest you could ever do for yourself or your family.

If you wish to see it for yourself, check the clip out


If you are going to tell me that you do not want a slice or probably two or ten out of this huge ice cream sandwich, then you are lying. So, instead of denying yourself the pleasure of having this delectable treat melt in your mouth and dance on your taste buds, give in to the temptation and make this sweet treat now.

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