Newest Human Ken Doll Admits Going Under the Knife After He Was Told He’s Not ‘Beautiful’


A Brazilian model named Mauricio Galdi recently joined the long list of human Ken dolls in the world, although the guy insists that it wasn’t his goal to be tagged as one and it was just the media who gave him that title.

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After undergoing a total of eight surgeries, Galdi now looks almost the same as the popular plastic doll. Ever since he was a child, the 28-year-old model has always been obsessed with dolls. He wanted to play with them and admitted that he was a bit jealous of girls because unlike them, people found it socially unacceptable that he liked this type of toys.

Growing up in a middle-class household in Sao Paulo, Galdi was judged for trying to do what people saw as something against the norm, so as he grew older, he has always craved for the freedom to do what he loved.

The young model’s obsession with dolls, especially Ken’s flawless features, never left him. So when he had the means to, he decided to have plastic surgery at the age of 17. Galdi shared that his desire to get his physical features enhanced became more intense when he enrolled in an acting class but was told he wasn’t really “beautiful” enough.

He first got a simple nose job and later sought for treatments that were more complex. Within the past few years, he had polymethyl methacrylate (filler) injections on his legs, chin, and cheeks, along with two more nose jobs.

Due to his Ken doll–like features, people got more interested with Galdi, and now he has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram, with whom he shares a couple of headshots that showcase his unbelievable transformation.

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