Is Mars Habitable and Conducive for Living? Check Out This Latest Discovery


Long ago, astronomers had this amazing theory about Mars and said it was home to an advanced and progressive civilization in which water was channeled through canals. Although later proven false, scientist were able to come up with an interesting discovery.

Every summer, the temperature on Mars reaches -10°F. And whenever this happens, dark streaks show up in certain areas across the planet. Scientists then came up with a conclusion that these 100-meter-long streaks called recurring slope lineae are formed by flowing water.



With the help of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiters, scientists and researchers were able to discover that hydrated salts called perchlorates exist on the surface of the planet. These chemicals are responsible for keeping water from freezing at lower temperatures but also keep it from evaporating into the planet’s thin atmosphere.

During summer season, the super-salty water then flows down the mountains.

In some areas across the planet, the dark streaks reach up to 300 feet long, which is similar to the length of a football field.

The video above is a simulation of a trip around the Hale Crater, where dark streaks were spotted flowing down the slopes during the summer season.


Watch NASA as they explain the liquid discovery on Mars below: