Man Creates Jet-Powered School Bus That Can Go 367 mph


Have you ever seen a jet-powered school bus rush its way to the bus stop and pick up your kids? Even more, it travels up to 367 mph, with a paint job that perfectly matches it! Well, amazingly enough, this newly invented vehicle fits all those description. Check it out!

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Paul Stender, an India petrol head, created a yellow bus named School Time, which he built with his colleagues in Indy Boys and is now gaining worldwide attention.


According to Stender, the bus was custom-built and a lot of it was hand-crafted, with most of the metals used being more applicable on an aircraft. He says, “There’s no way the original bus could have withstood the speeds I take it to.”


Due to the extreme speed that it reaches, the gas tanks usually use up as much as 150 gallons of fuel in a single run.

Astonished onlookers were able to see the bus and its GE J-79 jet engine in action, as it left a trail of flames that was 80 ft in length, blasting out from the afterburner.

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