Ken Doll Gets a ‘Realistic’ Makeover – and This Is How He Looks Like


The Barbie dolls have undergone constant modification. A version of Barbie as a babysitter came out, an Oreo Barbie, and even a pregnant Barbie named Midge Hadley was made. Just recently, new faces were added to the long list of Barbie doll versions.

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The newest figures come in various skin tones and different body types. Some dolls have curvy bodies, some are black-skinned and some are white, some have straight hair and some don’t, and they also have different heights.


But that’s not what’s catching everybody’s attention. What really took the spotlight is the Ken doll that looks out of shape and has gained a lot of weight.


This modification has sparked mixed reactions from people around the world. It is believed that the modification was an attempt to make the dolls appear more realistic.


And since they already introduced a curvy version of Barbie, they made a seemingly overweight Ken as her guy counterpart.

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