Transgender Kim Kardashian Super Fan Undergoes Surgeries to Look Like the Reality Star


People go under the knife to change their physical flaws. Some want to get thin, while some want to have that young-looking face. And there are those who are willing to spend some cash just to look like their idols. While most people choose dolls as their models, this woman has a different plan.

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Thalia Almodovar‘s new looks would probably catch your attention even if you don’t know her personally because this lady has spent more than $100,000 on surgeries just to look like her ultimate idol, Kim Kardashian. To complete the look, she has spent almost $30,000 on clothes to buy the dresses that Kim K usually sports.

Having the same voluptuous body as the famous Kim K, Thalia is now being swarmed by fans every time she struts down the streets of New York City.

Thalia thinks that her idol is absolutely gorgeous and stunning and adds that after achieving the body like Kim K’s, she now thinks she is beautiful and is happy about the result.

She began to emulate the famous celebrity’s body in 2009. She watched the reality show Keep Up with the Kardashians, and after that, she was inspired to do some enhancements and started with undergoing buttocks and breasts surgeries. From there, she continued to go under the knife until she finally accomplished her goal.

But if that’s not shocking enough, wait till you hear this.

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