Transgender Kim Kardashian Super Fan Undergoes Surgeries to Look Like the Reality Star


Before Thalia became Kim Kardashian’s doppelganger, she was actually living a life as a male and had a sex change later on.

Thalia recalls that when she was just a child, she used to cry because she wanted to use the girl’s bathroom but was forbidden to. She eventually came out and told her families about who she really was, and after that, she began having hormone therapy.

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Life was not easy for Thalia. But now she gets all kinds of attention, and people are even treating her better. Of course, there the occasional mobs of people who would ask to take photos with her, but she doesn’t mind because she loves the feeling of being mistaken for Kim Kardashian.


But just like everything in this world, there are downsides about resembling one of the world’s most popular women.

Thalia says that there are times guys want to get to know her just because she looks like Kim K, which annoys her at times. One time, a guy took her to a date basically because he was obsessed with Kim K, and Thalia made him feel like he’s with the reality star.

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