‘Kindergarten Cop’ Turns 25: See the Cast Then & Now!


What do you get when you put the biggest action hero of the 80s and 90s with a group of unruly, little kids? M-A-G-I-C.

In 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as tough Detective John Kimble in the hit film Kindergarten Cop, which focused on his character going undercover as a kindergarten teacher to locate the son of an on-the-loose drug dealer.

Naturally, the muscly dude loses his mind when the six-year-olds don’t listen and cause complete and utter mayhem in the classroom.

Gems like this were born:

kindergarten cop

kindergarten cop

And who can forget this one:

kindergarten cop

So, whatever happened to the little brats who got Mr. Kimbell to almost pop a vein in his forehead? Scroll through below and take a trip down memory lane.

Kindergarten Cop 1



Dominic (Christian & Joseph Cousins)

Then: Portraying the adorable boy Kimble protects from his drug dealer father, Cullen Crisp, who will stop at nothing to find his son. (Crisp gets some help from his crazy mother — a woman who still gives us nightmares.)

Now: After ‘KC,’ the now 31-year-old twins shared a role in ‘Knots Landing.’ They retired in 1995. According to Facebook, Joseph (pictured right) is a stylist and Christian works as Director of Sales for Orient Express Furniture in California.

Kindergarten Cop 3

Joseph (Miko Hughes)

Then: Managing to look cute while stating some serious facts, “Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina.” He was just 27-months-old when he landed his first big role in the 1989 horror flick ‘Pet Sematary.’ (Seriously, how adorbs — and creepy — is Gage?!)

Now: He has since starred in a slew of movies and TV productions, including ‘Apollo 13’ alongside Tom Hanks and — who can forget? — ‘Full House.’ (Sure, he played bully Aaron who gave Michelle Tanner a hard time, but you looked past all of that because he was so damn cute.) According to hisIMDB page, the 29-year-old still acts and has a few flicks lined up. He directed his first film, ‘Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear,’ in 2013. He also has an Instagram account that we’re oddly obsessed with.

Kindergarten Cop 5

Tina & Rina (Tiffany & Krystle Mataras)

Then: Proclaiming “Our mom says our dad is a real sex machine.” And making every little 90s girl have some serious side pony envy.

Now: Arguably one of Hollywood’s most famous sets of twin child stars, you also know ’em from a ton of other ’90s movies, including ‘Problem Child 2,’ ‘Single White Female’ and ‘Camp Nowhere’ (hands down one of the BEST kid movies from that era — and that’s not up for debate). After taking a break from Hollywood in the 2000s, the identical twin sisters went into business together and createdWasted Cupcakes. That’s right — they make booze-filled cupcakes. Two women after our own hearts. They last starred in 2012’s ‘100,000 Zombie Heads.’


Kindergarten Cop 8

Rosa (Odette Annable — née Yustman)

Then: Confusing the hell out of Kimble with her Spanish. During the famous scene when he asks the class, “Who is your daddy and what does he do?,” she responds, “Mi papa trabaja en la casa, y juega conmigo mucho.’ Translation? “My father works in the house and plays with me a lot.”

Now: The 29-year-old brunette beauty is best known for her role in 2008’s smash hit ‘Cloverfield.’ In 2010, she married her ‘Brothers & Sisters’ co-star, Dave Annable. Next up for the star is ABC’s ‘The Astronaut Wives Club,’ which is set to premiere in the spring.

Kindergarten Cop 2

Emma (Sarah Rose Karr)

Then: Arguing with Kimble that she’s not a policeman, she’s a princess! And making him feel a tad awkward when she has to go to the bathroom. Overalls are the worst, right?!

Now: After starring in ‘Father of the Bride’ as a seven-year-old version of the bride and in the hit ‘Beethoven’ films, Sarah and her cuteness pretty much disappeared from Tinseltown. Though the 30-year-old’s whereabouts are currently unknown, some sites claim she graduated from New University of Florida. (A note to Sarah: If you’re reading this, PUH-LEASE hit us up and let us know where ya at, girl!)

Kindergarten Cop 7



Harvey (Ross Malinger)

Then: He didn’t have a big role, but he must have charmed the pants off Hollywood execs because he landed the part of Tom Hanks’ onscreen son, Jonah, in the smash hit ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ two years later.

Now: His resume is pretty extensive having starred in several TV shows, including ‘Suddenly Susan’ and ‘Party of Five.’ Today, he’s no longer in Hollywood — but is allegedly the general manager of Automotive Legends in Malibu, Calif.


Kindergarten Cop 9

Kissing Boy (Jason Reitman)

Then: Ah, his five seconds of fame as the kid caught making out with a girl while the Astoria Elementary School is on fire. Fun fact No. 1: Jason was given the role by his father, Ivan Reitman, who directed the film! Fun fact No. 2: It was his first kiss — ever.

Now: He’s come a loooong way since Kimble screamed at him to leave the building. The film director/writer/producer/jack of all trades is a Golden Globe winner having won for Best Screenplay for ‘Up in the Air’ in 2009. He was also nominated for an Oscar for his hit 2007 flick ‘Juno.’ Not too shabby, makeout pro.

Kindergarten Cop 6

Larry (Adam Wylie)

Then: That red hair. Those freckles. That friggin’ adorable face! He’s the kid who REALLY let out a wail when Kimble so famously shouted, “SHUT UP!!!” in the room full of unruly kids. And then, ya know, he calmed down when the ferret arrived because who WOULDN’T calm down in the presence of a cute, furry creature? (You can relive all of that here.)

Now: The 30-year-old is quite an accomplished voice actor! With nearly 140 acting credits to his name, you might recognize his voice from the Nickelodeon hit cartoon ‘Hey Arnold,’ and movies like ‘The King & I’ and ‘The Smurfs 2.’ He also starred in ‘Gilmore Girls’ as Brad Langford from 2001-2003.

And we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the cast…

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Det. John Kimble in Kindergarten Cop … and now.

Penelope Ann Miller as Joyce Palmieri / Rachel Crisp in Kindergarten Cop … and now.


Pamela Reed as Det. Phoebe O’hara in Kindergarten Cop … and now.

Richard Tyson as Cullen Crisp, Sr in Kindergarten Cop … and now.

Carroll Baker as Eleanor Crisp in Kindergarten Cop … and now.

Linda Hunt as Miss Schlowski in Kindergarten Cop … and now.

Jayne Brook as Zach’s Mother in Kindergarten Cop … and now.

Cathy Moriarty as Sylvester’s Mom in Kindergarten Cop … and now.



Watch some of the greatest moments from this cult classic: