This Hero Lifeguard Saves A Little Girl From Drowning in This Dramatic Video


One sunny day on Bondi Beach in Australia, a 5-year-old girl went straight into the raging current. Fortunately, with the help of Terry, she was saved.

Apparently, when the girl was drowning, she was still doing her best to get help. She waved her arms and screamed out for help. Fortunately, Terry noticed her. The hero lifeguard immediately snatched his board and moved quickly toward the girl. Moments before the girl could go under water, Terry arrived, and he immediately reached for her. He pulled her tired body out of the water and put her to safety.

After the rescue, Terry was interviewed. Obviously, he was trying to hold back his tears as he described his experience. It didn’t just affect his level of professionalism, but it also brought back sad and painful memories from his personal life.

This lifeguard was about to become a father to a son. Unfortunately, the moment he was about to go out to the world, he got trapped inside the birth canal during the delivery, causing the poor boy to die from lack of oxygen.

Because of this devastating loss, Terry was inspired to become a lifeguard. He believes that by doing so, other parents don’t have to endure the pain of losing a baby.

Bondi beach lifeguard Terry instinctively spots a child in distress amongst the waves and saves her just in time

Looking at the eyes of Perry, any parent would definitely be grateful for having their children, safe and sound. He is definitely a hero.


Watch the heart-pounding rescue below.


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