Living with 16 Puppies – This is What it’s Really Like


What it’s like to live with not one, not two, but 16 puppies? Well, we gotta ask someone who does.

If in your wildest dreams you’ve imagined living in a full house of dogs, behold that kind of life in these pictures.

These adorable pups came from three different litters. And, this pack of 16 Basenji puppies dominate the entire house, yet welcome their human hosts into their puppy parties. And well, you’ll always find yourself welcome.





These precious pups from three different litters are totally psyched to run as a pack, and even cool about welcoming tiny humans into their 24/7 puppy party. Once they finally run out of energy after chasing each other around, the Basenjis adorably form a giant cuddle pile for nap time.


Here’s more for a puppy-filled life:


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