Pepsi 'tattoo' on its claw

Lobster with a Pepsi Tattoo Discovered Off the Coast in Canada


Even before the first man walked the earth, the ocean, seas, and all its strange and wonderful creatures thrived. But over time, the state of the ocean has gone from bad to worse due to different factors like climate change and pollution. Scientists have scrambled to correct the actions of man, but even with their efforts, the future continues to remain bleak for the world’s oceans.

Case in point? This recently discovered lobster with a Pepsi tattoo off the coast in Canada. No, this wasn’t some promotional trick by the international soda brand, it is a clear sign that the ocean conditions are worsening each day.

Lobster with a Pepsi Tattoo Alarms Environmentalists

The lobster found with a Pepsi logo embedded on its claw is prompting concerns on the extent of plastic pollution. The crustacean was first discovered off the coast of New Brunswick in Canada by a fisherman last November 21, 2017.

Karissa Lindstrand noticed the strange marking after banding the creature’s claws together. She immediately realized that the logo belonged to Pepsi due to the brand’s iconic red and blue markings.

“I can’t say how he got it on,” Lindstrand, who posted the image on Facebook, said. “It seemed more like a tattoo or a drawing on the lobster rather than something growing into it.”

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From then on, the picture quickly attracted attention.

“I’ve just seen deformed claws. I’ve never seen anything like this before with the image of a Pepsi symbol,” Lindstrand added.

It remains unclear how the Pepsi logo ended up being imprinted on the lobster’s arm. Facebook users have speculated that the lobster may have grown into a can, while others suggested that it could have found itself stuck in a Pepsi box.

Whatever the reason is, the situation is certainly alarming. According to a Greenpeace report, of the 260 million tons of plastic produced each year, approximately 10 percent of this ends up being dumped in our oceans.

As of 2017, there are already 13 million tonnes of plastic affecting our oceans. The numbers pose a serious threat against marine wildlife. If humans don’t take action soon, experts predict that by 2050 there would be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

As for the lobster with the Pepsi logo, Lindstrand isn’t quite sure where it is right now. She predicts that it could be well on its way to the United States.

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