Lost Brother in the War, But Kept His Adopted Pups …Touching Warzone Story


Twenty-eight-year old Army Sgt. Peter Neesley died on Christmas Day while serving his country. Carey, Peter’s sister, was the most devastated by her brother’s death. He was her best friend.

Peter was a loving brother and had always been known for his affection toward animals. It was no surprise when the family learned he had adopted a mother dog and her four little pups during his stay in Iraq.



But the war zone is not safe for humans and even worse for animals. Over time, three of the four pups passed away, leaving only the mother dog and one puppy. Eventually, Peter died too, so the dogs were left all alone, unattended.

When Carey learned of this, she decided to do whatever it takes to meet the dogs her brother took in and adopt them herself. She could not see her brother anymore, but she was hoping to keep a part of him by adopting the canines.

The search and rescue did not go smooth, but it was all worth it. Carey shared, “The minute that they got out of the car, none of the people around existed anymore.”





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