This Magical Chocolate Bomb Recipe Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


This is isn’t your typical chocolate dessert. The magical chocolate bomb is a tasty dessert where a delicious treat is revealed after pouring hot sauce or fudge over a chocolate dome.

The instructions of this sweet recipe are laid down below.

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This delicious treat can be made in only 30 to 35 minutes, including cooling time.

Here are the ingredients you need to prepare.

*2 tbsp. of sugar

*Chocolate cake or brownies


*1/2 lemon juice

*250 grams of white chocolate

*250 grams of strawberries

Now ready all the equipment, which include hemisphere chocolate mold, chocolate thermometer (optional), greaseproof paper, triangular spatula, and chocolate handing gloves.



1. First things first, melt and temper all 250 g of white chocolate.

2. Then pour all the chocolate into the hemisphere mold. Be sure to separate a few melted chocolate since it will be used as “glue” later.  Mildly pat the mold from side to side so there won’t be any air bubbles. Leave it for a few minutes.

3. When the chocolate is thick enough, place it onto the greaseproof paper and let it dry. Also, it should be in a horizontal position.

4. Use the handle of the triangular spatula to tap the edges of the mold to remove any extra chocolate. Clean off the surface of the hardened part with the spatula so that the edges will be smooth.

5. Put the mold on the greaseproof paper in an upside down position and leave it in room temperature. After a few minutes, tap the mold on worktop. The chocolate sphere will fall easily if it’s tempered well.

6. Next, grip the upper half of the mold and place it over a warm surface gently for about 10 seconds.

7. So that the bottom sphere will stick onto the plate, use the separated melted chocolate as a glue. Place a small quantity of the melted in the center if the plate or bowl, then paste the hemisphere on top of the chocolate glue.

8. Place the cake on the bottom into the lower hemisphere and cover it with the other chocolate hemisphere.

9.For the strawberry sauce, be sure you have washed and removed its stems. Mix and blend the strawberries together with the lemon juice and sugar until its smoothed. Cook the mixture with a medium to high heat for a few minutes. Every now and then, stir the mixture.

10. You can now pour the simmering strawberry sauce over the chocolate hemisphere just like in the video!


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