Man Flies Miles to Prepare a Surprise for Wife …When She Sees It, She’s Overcome by Tears


Kris Farish tragically lost her father at age 12 due to a car accident. Her family used to make memories that could last forever by taking road trips and vacationing on their camper, but unfortunately for Farish, the memories were all that she had now.

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Over time, Kris and her family gave away the camper even if parting with it meant saying good-bye to her childhood memories as well.

As fate would have it, Kris was reunited with that camper when her devoted husbandMicah, decided to look for the camper. His investigation went toward the right direction when he was able to find the actual identification number of the vehicle.

Under the excuse of attending a bachelor’s party, Micah flew to California to retrieve the camper. When he returned, he surprised his unsuspecting wife, who was moved to tears upon seeing the vehicle where she spent the happiest times of her life.

“I had no clue! I was in shock for three days!” Kris told Inside Edition.

After exploring the old but cherished possession, the family took it out and went on a short camping trip together.

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