Man Gives Up Life to Save Dog from Abuse …Find Out How People Repaid His Kindness


People often disregard the hushed voices of abused dogs. But David Lynn Krieger, 53 , is one of the few who would never tolerate animal abuse. Unfortunately for this hero, he lost his life in doing so.


Known to his family as Krockett, David was remembered as being an animal lover for the longest time. He and his wife, Ashlie, have two rescued dogs named Trout and Sophie. Trout is a golden Labrador while Sophie is a terrier mix.


When Krieger saw a man named Roy Thompson repeatedly kicking an innocent dog in a parking lot, he stepped into action. The confrontation led to a heated argument, which ultimately ended with Thompson fatally shooting Krieger. He was pronounced dead on the spot.

Christine Wilke, a close family friend had this to share of Krieger: “In the wake of this tragedy we are all left to try to make sense of why such a wonderful man, who was an asset to society and made the world a better place, was taken from us so soon. We’ve decided that the only thing that makes sense is that God had a job opening as the “Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.” He has one now—the absolute best man for the job.”


The dog that Krieger saved survived the ordeal. But it seems like Krieger has already had a long history of saving the lives of furry friends. He once called Wilke, asking if she could help him catch a loose dog to bring it back to safety.


Even if he has already passed away, the brave man received two gifts. The first one is justice as Thompson was ordered to face murder charges for his actions as well as other violations.

The second gift is that Krieger can leave this world in peace. A GoFundMe page had been set up so his family can cover funeral costs.

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The grimness of David “Krockett” Krieger’s death is overcome by his bravery and selflessness. He is one of those rare heroes who put their lives on the line for those that can’t protect themselves.


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