Man Rescued by Strangers After His Motorcycle Slid Under a Burning BMW


The rescuers thought that they were only going to recover a dead man’s body from a burning car, but when a woman got down on her belly to check what’s under the vehicle, their goal changed.

Mike Johnson, a construction worker from Logan, Utah, said that he believed their only task was to remove a car from a body. But when a woman standing nearby stared right under the burning vehicle and suddenly shouted, “He’s alive!” they all gathered to lift the car and save the motorist. Johnson said that he didn’t know who the woman was, but she did something that gave the victim a second life.

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The rescue of the 21-year-old guy, who was identified as Brandon Wright, became the subject of local and national news after a video of the heart-stopping moment was released. Wright was rescued after his motorcycle slid under a burning BMW, which he tried to avoid a collision with.

Although he had injuries, Wright was lucky enough that the accident happened just 50 yards away from where Johnson and his fellow construction workers were stationed that day. When they heard of the accident, Johnson, together with his friends Kade Lundgren and Derrick Harper, immediately went to the scene and helped. Other passersby also lent a hand, according to Johnson.

The construction workers were bewildered by the scene that greeted them when they first arrived, but even though they themselves were frightened by the situation, they still tried their best to save the man.

Jeff Curtis, the assistant chief of police in Logan, was impressed with how the group of strangers helped save the life of Wright.

At first, it was just Johnson who tried to lift the car up, but it was too heavy for him. Five others came to help him, but still, they were unable to move it. But second after the woman shouted that the man was still alive, more people pitched in to help. Another construction worker then dragged Wright from underneath the burning BMW.

It wasn’t only the heat from the burning car that the rescuers had to deal with as Wright’s motorcycle was also engulfed in fire. One of the citizens, Anvar Suyundikov, shared that the car was so hot that he thought it was going to explode.

Brandon, who was pulled out with broken bones, was rushed to Intermountain Medical Center. While expecting to recover real soon, the lucky guy was thankful to everyone who helped save his life.

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