Man Saves Complete Stranger With Bone Marrow Transplant …Wow!


Greta Hokanson‘s life was torn apart when she was diagnosed with leukemia at age 15. Her resilience and hope kept her alive along with a little miracle of a gift from a complete stranger.

Greta was in need of a bone marrow transplant, and she got the perfect match in Danny Daniels. The pairing was made possible through Be the Match bone marrow registry.

“Before I met him, he was this amazing man who gave his bone marrow to me without knowing anything about me,” Greta said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “It was incredible seeing him standing right there in front of me.”

The pair got to meet two years after the successful procedure. Danny hails from Arkansas. By the time he volunteered to be a donor, he and Greta had not known anything about each other.

Hailing him as her real-life hero, Greta wanted Danny to be there when she celebrated yet another milestone in her life: her wedding. She was to wed her current husband, Tony Hokanson, and wanted Danny to be part of that special day. He accepted the invitation, and the two even got to share a special dance.



In a heartwarming dance shared by the two, they danced to the song “Angels Among Us” by Alabama and brought the whole crowd to tears of joy and gratitude. It marked not only Greta’s new life but a culmination of the old one she lived through with the help of Danny.



The groom, who shares the miracle with his wife, couldn’t help but marvel at the opportunity of meeting Danny. “It was really an honor to meet him,” Tony said. “He’s such a generous man, and it was great to get a chance to talk with him and get to know him better. Without him and the Be the Match foundation, there’s a really good chance I wouldn’t have Greta as my wife today.”



Greta and Danny have guested in The Ellen Show where they shared their inspiring story.



Check out how Greta honor her donor below.

And here’s their heartwarming bond.

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