This McDonald’s Employee has Been Nicknamed “McGoddess” By Followers in Taiwan


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Say hello to, Wei Han Xu, a stunning woman from Taiwan who has become the “McGoddess” of McDonalds.

Also known as Wei Wei, this young employee for McDonald’s has acquired instant fame because of her doll-like features. She joins other similar women, such as Rita Mattos, a Brazilian street sweeper, and Yanet Garcia, a Mexican weather girl in their instant job fame.

The “McDonald’s McGoddess” has caused quite a stir and surge of sales in a branch of this fast food giant as men from all over the world have been traveling to Taiwan just to see her. Scroll down to see Wei Wei in action:

The “McDonald’s goddess”, whose age is unknown, is a college student and model who’s been working at Mickey D’s for five years. Her looks have made her famous enough to land a couple of talk show appearances as well as 86,000 Facebook likes and 32,000 Instagram followers.

Here are some of her Instagram photos:

喜歡和你們一起上班 自在 輕鬆 怒衝考試 應該順利通過吧??

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午安~ 好少女的吊床 一定要來拍一下 可愛的民宿

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這兩天的天氣 也太像夏天了吧 不想變黑啦?

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Here is Wei Wei in her maid costumes

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