Meet the Woman Whose Account Has 1 Billion Views! Unbelievable!


We all know Kim Kardashian, but there’s a new bootylicious woman who needs to be on your radar. Jen Selter, a twenty-two-year-old fitness guru from Manhattan, has an Instagram page that has been visited 1 billion times since March 2012. Jen uploads a daily “belfie,” which is a picture of her toned backside.

Jen has become very famous in the women’s fitness movement that she has 5 million Instagram followers. Even superstar Rihanna is one of her followers. She has used her fame to merge with established names in the athletic world. She has partners such as New Balance, Lululemon, Nike.

Because of her huge social media presence, she has been featured in the NY Times and magazines like Elle, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan.

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How It All Started


Jen’s desire to have the perfect body goes back to high school where she was bullied by her classmates and called pelican. From that time, she decided that she would make people talk about her face and body. At age 15, she underwent a rhinoplasty. That surgery increased her confidence.  Even after getting a nose job, she wanted to highlight her body not her face. This can be seen on her Instagram account where her body is heavily featured, but it doesn’t focus on beauty shots of her face.

Is Her Body Photoshopped?


Jen’s body statistics are as follows:

Height: 167 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 121 lbs. or 55 kg.

BMI: 19.7

Body type: hour glass

She has a toned buttocks and a flat abdomen. There are rumors that say she had surgery to enhance her figure, but Jen is not offended by that because she knows it is nonsense. She says, “My butt is real, and it’s the result of my hard work—not surgery, not Photoshop.”

She admits that some of her poses are provocative, but her goal is to inspire people to go out on an exercise or embrace a sport. “Yep, my photos are often overly focused on my backside. I just want people to realize that everyone can achieve the same results.”



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