This Megayacht Looks like the Batmobile and Costs 18 MILLION …This thing is Unbelievable



The Xhibitionist will certainly be a head turner, regardless if it’s being utilized as a private vessel, swanky party venue, or floating showroom. This multi-purpose yacht comes with its own supercar and is 75 meters long.

The megayacht was designed by Eduard Gray, a Swedish-based car designer. With elegant touches like a fine crystal Baccarat lighting, a dual staircase, and a Steinway piano, the sleek ship’s interior is decked out in Art Nouveau decor.

The lead-in price is worth 2.3 million dollars and that’s only for a ‘basic’ model. If you want this amazing yacht, you’re going to need a huge amount of money.

The Xhibitionist has space for a car showroom and ‘engine room’, complete with exposed engines displayed behind glass walls. This was done, so it could keep up with its automotive theme.

It also has it’s own array of solar panel. The panels act as a helipad with space for three helicopters or as a concert space. To provide power to the ship, the solar panels fold out from under a shiny car-hood-like deck.

The mega yacht is able to glow in the dark due to the oceanLED lighting and it even has a Jacuzzi.

However, it seems as though the idea of the Xhibitionist, a 75 meter luxury yacht, is more like investing in marketing venture and real estate than an actual yacht due to its price.

Is it a boat, is it a car? No, it's a megayacht. The supercar designer's megaboat costs more than £16 million

It’ll cost you more than $18 million to buy the supercar designer’s megaboat.

The 229ft-wide Xhibitionist is an extravagant, multipurpose yacht designed by Swedish supercar designer Eduard Gray

Swedish supercar designer, Eduard Gray, designed the 229ft-wide Xhibitionist. A fantastic, multi functional yacht.

Holy moley! A good sized helipad on deck ensures A-listers can be flown in if needed

With its good-sized helipad, A-listers or anyone who is very rich and famous can definitely be flown if the situation requires.

Shiny shiny: Believe it or not this is actually the inside of the boat. It feels as large as an airplane hangar, but with an Art Nouvea vibe

Welcome to the megayacht’s interior. Pretty big and shiny, right? The Art Nouvea vibe definitely works well with the design.

Can we make it a car showroom? Apparently so, this boat is big enough to take an entire fleet of Bentleys

Want a car showroom? That’s not a problem for the megayacht. As you can see, a dozen of Bentleys can be accommodated here.


Opulence: Sofa space for chilling out, tick. But where's the television?

Who wouldn’t want to make this living room their new home?

And where better to chill out and watch the sunset than atop the deck... hang on, is that a band playing up there?

There’s nothing better than watching the sunset atop the deck and just hanging out, while having a band playing your favorite songs.

It may look like a deep sea creature from the abyssal plains but this is just the megayacht with its lights on after dark

Afraid of the dark? That won’t be a problem because the megayacht has oceanLED lighting that’ll chase away those bad monsters that lurk in the darkness.

And of course every megayacht needs a megacar for those all important onshore errands. Right, have we run out of champagne again? 

The megayacht is full of surprises. It has its own four-wheel-drive called the megacar. Now, isn’t that amazing?

Slimline: Solar panels fold out from under a sleek car-bonnet-like deck to power the ship

When it’s time to store them away, the solar panels fold out from under a sleek car-bonnet-like deck. They’ll also be the ones who will power the ship.


And so to bed: By night, the superyacht glows in the dark thanks to oceanLED lighting

Thanks to oceanLED lighting, the superyacht is like a glowing star in the middle of the night.

Watch what’s inside the luxurious mega yacht below:

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