This Mom Looks Just Like Her 16-Year-Old Twin Daughters


Sixteen-year-old twins Kaylan and Kyla Mahomes have taken the Internet by storm. Their now viral photo that they took together with their mom, Tina Brown, had numerous people shaking their heads asking themselves, “Who is the mom?”

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In an interview with People, 35-year-old Brown expressed her shock over her newfound fame:

“Who would have thought that people in Argentina would be looking at my face? We’ve had a lot of people checking in: ‘It’s reached Nigeria.’ ‘It’s reached Paris.’ That picture has been more places than I’ll ever be!”

It started when Kaylan took a photo of the three of them, something that she did on a normal basis. When the photo began to gain likes, she decided to move it to Twitter, and sure enough, the world took notice.

The image, posted by Kaylan Mahomes, of Indianapolis, IN, is actually of Kaylan, her twin sister Kyla, and her mom.

The photo Kaylan uploaded didn’t just get countless retweets, but the teen garnered more than 25,000 followers to date.

Brown, on the other hand, is just flattered by the attention. Although the nurse won’t divulge any of her beauty secrets, she blesses the public with a little insight on her regime:

“It’s good to wash your face most of the time with plain water. I also exfoliate once a week, but I do think the water helps.”

Seeing as they’ve skyrocketed to become Internet celebrity overnight, the family has had their share of good and bad reactions. One of the best they’ve come across is one comment that singer Pharell is the girls’ father. The singer is also known for his ageless look.

As for the negative reactions, they have managed to shrug them off.

“Sometimes it’s weird,” Kaylan said, “because people think she’s our sister and they’ll say things to her that they wouldn’t normally say to an adult.”

Brown is just proud of how her girls have handled their fame. “Kids come up to them at school and are like, ‘You’re famous!’ A couple of kids asked for their autographs and they were like, ‘No!’ They’re really humble and have taken this really well,” she said.

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