Most Clever Ways People Recycled Old Buses …See How These Were Saved from the Scrap Heap



Buses are huge vehicles, so its safe to say they don’t come cheap. However, since nothing lasts forever, even these giants of the road will one day end up in the junk yard. Now because they are so expensive, you might be wondering what you can possibly do with old buses. Good news, there are many ways to transform these buses into something useful and even more permanent. Below are ten fantastic ways people have transformed and recycled old buses into livable spaces… so read on and check it out!

Mobile Art Gallery

If you live in Liverpool, you’re one of the lucky few who’ll probably catch this bus. It travels all around the place, showcasing the works of national and local artists. With this, no need to visit an art gallery—the art gallery itself will come to you.

Drive-Off Diner

This amazing bus is designed to be driven to events and weddings. Once the vehicle reaches the venue, it then transforms into a stylish place to dine in. But wait, there’s more: it’s not just some truck where you can munch on some food, it’s a full-on five-star restaurant with a cocktail bar.

Flower Stop

This is a truly unique bus because its roof is a garden. That’s right, an actual garden, with flowers and leaves that shine and reflect the rays of the sun. This bus is really a shrubbery sight for sore eyes.

A Dream House Like No Other

For this bus, its owners didn’t just cut it and planted it on the ground. They totally renovated it into something that looks good inside and out. It’ll make you think that probably, the owners dreamed of living in a bus and are trying to realize that wish.

A Stuck . . . Bedroom?

Oh no! Look at this! A bus unfortunately crashed into a house—wait.

No, this bus is actually being used as a spare bedroom in this house. Despite looking like a scene of an accident, it still looks pretty cool.



Office Stop

If you want to take your love for buses to the next level, you can actually transform one into your personal office. Of course, you’ll have to go through the hassle of cutting the bus down to size. However, once completed, you definitely have a conversation piece for your home.


It’s actually possible to turn a bus into a garage. Just remove all the seats and add a ramp into the bus, and viola! You have very own and unique garage!

Bus of Knowledge

A school in Rhyl, a town in Wales, UK, needed a new classroom, so what they did was they brought an old bus and transformed it into one! The idea saved them a lot of money, and the unique bus gave the children a whole new experience.

Run and Cover

If you live anywhere near tornado ally in Oklahoma or the Texas panhandle or anywhere where the need cover for bad weather is necessary, this bizarre yet cool-looking bus is perfect for you.

Swimming Stop

You probably stopped to take a second look at this picture, but yes, you’re right, it’s a swimming pool in a bus. The design is innovative in its own way, and it’s safe to say that anyone who wants to take a dip on it will have a great experience.