Most Expensive Armored Cars in the World


When you’re rich, not all people will be your friends. Some of them will even be your worst enemies who would wish you death more than anything else. Even if you’re the generous type, there’s still a world of danger waiting for you out there. Rich people, whether generous or not, are the prime targets of criminals, kidnappers, and assassins. So still wanna go out?

Worry not, rich kid. A solution awaits you—armored vehicles. Nothing else offers more security than being driven inside a limousine or SUV fitted with extra-thick steels, bullet-proof glass, and polycarbonate linings that will make your vehicle impenetrable. Their own reserve of machine guns and military-grade ammos ready at your disposal will guarantee you a safe trip.

How an armored car looks? Well, if you’re look-conscious and wouldn’t want to step out of a bank truck to that ball you’re attending, worry not again. These armored vehicles go beyond security. They don’t sacrifice style for protection as many of them are based on existing models of high-class cars. Well, that’s a good act of disguise while traveling.

If you have money to spare, get yourself one of these ten incredible and expensive armored vehicles as you’d probably need one for protection. And when you feel protected, you’ll get the peace of mind you direly need.


10. Lexus LS 460 L ($300,000)


The Lexus LS 460 L is a combination of design and security. It is designed and made by INKAS with armored and non-armored features. Heavy yet fast, it has an engine that runs at 389 horsepower with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The passenger cabin is bullet- and grenade-proof and has a Lexus-like finish so nobody will know this car has high-grade armor when they see it driving down the street.

9. BMW 750 Li Sedan ($340,00)


Internationa Armoring Corporation has transformed an ordinary BMW into a tank of wheels. With a V8, 400-horsepower engine, it has the speed and power to carry massive pounds of ballistic steel. Contrary to most armored sedan steels where only the back seat or passenger compartment is armored, the 750Li protects the entire vehicle compartment (including the tailpipe, battery, radiator, front fenders, and fuel tank), ensuring the safety of both the passenger and the driver. The suspension is also reinforced for all-wheel, all-terrain driving.

8. Cadillac Escalade ESV ($350,000)


What’s even better than than a Cadillac Escalade? An armored Escalade ESV. Through the expertise of Becker Automotive Design, the vehicle was reconstructed to have the taste of luxury that features leather upholstery, wood trim, state-of-the-art office equipment, and large flat-screens. Designed with an extra strength chassis, it is built with ballistic protection around the exterior with steel and 40 mm glass that can withstand bullet fire. The ESV has additional 20 inches of maximum interior space and protection.

7. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard ($400,000)


The Mercedes Benz armored cars are some of the most popular available in the market. While still retaining their stylish looks, multiple armored and reinforced features are implemented throughout the exterior, assuring its rider of their total protection. The armored car has built-in S-Guard that can stop continuous fire from M60 machine guns and release its own oxygen during gas attacks, sealing the exterior vents and provide fresh air throughout the interior. It also has double-pane glass windows that can also protect from gas attack.

6. Knight XV ($629,000)


As the top-of-the-line vehicle from one of the world’s leading armored vehicle manufacturer Conquest Vehicles, the Knight XV is absolutely a rare find. Because of its rarity, only a hundred vehicles of its kinds were manufactured. Each vehicle includes V10 engines, military-grade designs, and high-strength transparent or opaque armor covering the windshields, ballistic aluminum and metal composites. Besides its armor features, the vehicle is basically a luxury hotel room on wheels, with the interior furnished with satellite TV, bar, cooler, heated seats, a black box, and media center to keep your boredom off during your travel.


5. Huron APC ($630,000)


This armored vehicle is a total show-off. Instead of disguising itself in luxury, the Huron APC attack-and-defense vehicle is set to intimidate those who are evil-minded to let them know what they’re up against. This massive vehicle can withstand heavy ammunition fire, including M80 Ball ammunition and 7.62 x 51 SC ammunition. Its floor can withstand grenade and other explosions. A functional machine gun turret is also located on the roof. Designed more for military defense than private use, it can accommodate an entire security team inside.

4. Audi A8 Security ($700,000)


The fully armored Audi A8 is hard for anyone to notice as it is designed to look like any normal luxury Audi. It has certification from the German Ballistics Testing Center that proves that its special aluminum alloys are completely bullet-proof to VR 7 ballistic standards. Audi reports that their vehicles are manufactured by hand by specialized workers in a highly secure area. Its body can stand almost anything fired at it, with windows made of splinter-inhibiting polycarbonate layers to handle an explosive force. The A8 includes LED signals, a smoke detector, digital radio networks, and a siren.

3. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG ($1,000,000)

Image courtesy of INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is one of the best equipped armored limousines ever manufactured by INKAS. The vehicle comes with multiple upgrades to its exterior and interior. Its interior is made up of all-black matte leather, customized lights, bulletproof glass, and surveillance cameras, assuring its multimillionaire passenger of full security. The G63 AMG includes ballistic overlaps, a rear bulkhead, bullet catchers, fuel tank protection, and a variety of additional features. The passenger compartment and the floor are completely protected and designed to stand explosions and shrapnel.


2. Cadillac One “The Beast” ($1,500,000)

The Cadillac One, the most iconic car in the world, is the transport car of the President of the United States. “The Beast,” as it is fondly called, costs $1.5 million and comes with an armored-plated fuel tank encase in fire retardant foam, a fire suppression system, segregated oxygen supply, and extra weapons in the trunk. Forged from steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics, the armor is so heavy that a normal person can barely open the doors from the outside. The Beast carries its own encrypted communication system in case the President is ever trapped and needs to call for help.

1. Kombat T98 ($1,500,000)


The $1.5 million Kombat T98 from the Russian manufacturer Dartz shares the spot with The Beast as the most expensive armored vehicle. This armored SUV is so luxurious that the whole interior is upholstered with 100% whale penis leather and features diamond-encrusted white gold gauges and gold-plated window trimming. T98 is a favorite among Russian political figures and European Princes as it comes with bullet-proof and explosion-resistant armor that protects the 8.1 liter V8 engine and its passengers.

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