Most Incredible Air Flips on Two Wheels



We see a lot of things flipping on the air — paper, animals, or humans. Air flips are a thing now. That has even become part of dances. Gymnasts and acrobats learn air flips as part of their stunts.

Front flips and backflips are taking the stage, and whatever direction the flip is going, it is just simply amazing. However, people just can’t get enough of this challenge that they take it to another level. So, the new trend now is air flips on wheels.

It is the newest trick every motor biker aims to achieve.  It is dangerous—apparently—and requires a lot of practice and trust. Some end up injured, of course. As one spectator said, “There’s [sic] only two outcomes: roll away on two wheels, or roll away on four wheels . . . to the hospital”.

As it is dangerous, but still jaw-dropping, we collected videos of the most breathtaking air flips on wheels ever recorded. Watch them and flip in amazement.

First stop: French Freestyle Motocross rider Tom Pages. This dude is famous for his unique tricks, and this bike flip speaks so much of why he is famous.

airflip 1

airflip 2


This is Josh Sheehan, twenty-eight-year-old Australian rider, who did a triple backflip in a motorbike, one of the most amazing tricks in history.



Travis Pastrana is an award-winning motorsports competitor and stunts performer. Pastrana has won championships and X Games gold medals. In a live show, however, he broke his legs and went to a hiatus. Because of the injuries he sustained, everyone thought he’d take a year’s rest, but to everyone’s amazement, Pastrana did a show again after only five months.

Aside from these famous riders, there are more motorbikers who took the risk of doing a stunt on the air and nailed it.

Ethen Godfrey-Roberts does the Superman double backflip on a mountain bike in the clip below.

The first four-person backflip on a motorbike.


World’s first scooter 1080 front flip.

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