The World’s Most Photogenic Shar Pei and a Cat Are Now Best Friends



Cats and dogs are known to be enemies and can’t get along with each other. But there are also times that we see a dog and a cat being friends to each other, like the pair in this article. This dog and cat just can’t get enough of each other they became a hot topic in the Internet.

Paddington the dog and Butler the cat are inseparable. They are often dressed up in costume, sitting beside each other and play with each other in a very cute way.

Paddington is a droopy shar-pei, one of the world’s rarest breeds of dogs. Shar-peis often have a wrinkly skin, and it got its name from a Chinese word that translates to “sand skin.” Paddington and Butler live with their owner, Annie Jacob, along with three cute cats in Tasmania, south coast of Australia.

The best friends are incredibly cute together that Annie can’t stop taking photos of them and share it online.

Here are some photos of this unique friendship.


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