Both Diagnosed with Cancer, Mother and Daughter Organize Their Chemos to Take Care of Each Other


They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. However, when Bethany Carlton and her mother, Mybritt Larsen, both got diagnosed with cancer, their situation seemed to have disproved that long-existent myth.

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Bethany and Mybritt are from Mackay, Queensland. At the young age of 17, Bethany was diagnosed with breast cancer. She felt that her world was crumbling in her hands when she received the news.

Her 47-year-old mother, Mybritt, stayed by her as she was undergoing lump removal just days before her 18th birthday. Things got worse when later on Bethany was told that she’s suffering a rare form of muscle cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. But her mom never left her side.

However, the family was devastated when Mybritt herself was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Although they were caught in a tight situation, the mother and daughter tried to look at things positively.

They helped each other out by organizing their chemotherapy sessions so they would have the chance to take care of each other. They cheered each other on by believing that they would get through and win their separate battles together.

According to Bethany, fighting cancer with her mom has motivated her to keep pushing. As she was doing it with her, she realized how powerful the bond of a mother and daughter could be.

For now, both Bethany and Mybritt are battling against cancer, and they are doing their very best to win.

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