NASA Recorded Sound In Space and What They Hear From Saturn Will Freak You Out



Because space is a visually mysterious environment, humans just rely on beautiful photographs of heavenly bodies, such as solar systems, galaxies, and planets to see how beautiful the universe is. And, we don’t really pay attention to the audible aspect of outer space.

But, does space really have a sound? Technically, sound exists in space. Sound is produced through electromagnetic vibrations, which oscillates in wavelengths.

NASA was able to record the cool sounds in space. They used some advanced instruments that could record all the electromagnetic vibrations. And then, these were all converted into sounds, which can be picked up by human ears.

Listen to these incredible sounds from space. Nothing was added nor altered; these are all pure sounds that rise from the mysterious realm above us.

The Sounds of the Sun

The Voices of Earth

The Song of the Earth

The Creepy Sounds Of Saturn

Here is the Sound of Saturn



This is the Creepy Sound of Jupiter

Io’s Sound, The Moon of Jupiter

The Rings of Uranus

The Song of Uranus

Here is Miranda’s Sound, the Moon of Uranus



The Sound of Neptune


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