10 New Year’s Resolutions That Sound Ridiculous but Are Worth Living By This 2016



For 2016, don’t go with the regular New Year’s resolutions, commit to do something truly inspiring. While everyone is pledging to go to the gym or give up bad habits, take a look at these unique resolutions instead.

New Year’s resolutions only have an 8 percent success rate, so they aren’t exactly taken seriously. The motivation dwindles as the year goes on and real-life demands make it hard for people to continue their plans. You start the year off with great intentions but usually end up breaking the promises you made to yourself.

Don’t commit to a full year of healthy eating.  Instead, give yourself a more achievable goal. This list below gives you ideas for goals you can set for yourself in 2016.

Choose a type of food and try it often

A food-related goal is nothing new, but you can choose a theme—let’s say Indian cuisine—and stick with it. Try all the Indian restaurants near you. Perhaps you’d like to try all the ramen places in your neighborhood. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something new for you to discover.

Create a new tradition

Make a new tradition you can do with your friends that involves a common interest. Maybe you all like to craft so you can create handmade items or you could try having an annual party with the same group of friends.



Have a party trick

You can learn an impressive party trick to wow your guests—perhaps one that involves cards—and it will always lighten up the mood at parties.

Enjoy your alone time once a month

You can take alone time to another level by setting a monthly date with yourself. You’ll find that it’s empowering to be able to do things alone. It could also lead to meeting new people who are also out by themselves.

Have at least three jokes

Making people laugh is a gift. It’s about timing and the right situation. If you ever find it hard to start a conversation, a creative one-liner should help you out. You should master three jokes that you can keep handy for those awkward silences.



Read something new

You may have your favorite magazines, but every once in a while, read something new. Similarly, you can tune in to different news outlets to see how their coverage differs from your preferred source.

Celebrate small achievements

Be grateful for the good things that happen to you. Don’t lose your exuberance for the positive things, no matter how small, that life throws at you. By being happy, you will feel better and be more ready to take on any bad things that should occur.



Make you own drink

James Bond has his martinis, so why can’t you make your own drink? Experiment with liqueurs and other things and make a drink that you like. Then whenever your friends come over, you can mix them up a batch of your signature drink.

Truly live your life

This may sound very clichéd and all the teenagers are talking about YOLO, but take it to heart. Live your life as if it’s the last chance for you. Don’t think about doing things when “you’re older” because time creeps up on you. Set your goals and go for it. The longer you wait to enjoy your life, the less likely you will ever achieve true happiness. Don’t waste time, just go for it.

Learn something

Learning is continuous. No matter how old you are, you can learn something that is new to you. There may be something you missed out on during your childhood. Grab the chance to do it now. Maybe you never learned to ride a bike or play chess. Now you have the time to learn those skills. There’s no price you can put on the satisfaction you feel when you master a new skill.



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