This Is What the Oldest Cat on Earth Looks Like …Meet Corduroy!


At the age of 124 or 26 human years, this cat holds the record for the oldest cat alive.

This adorable feline is named Corduroy. He has lived that long because, according to his human mother, Ashley, he is allowed to live a happy and normal life. He just comes in and out the house to have fun and enjoy his life the way he wants. She further shared that ever since he was born, he has never been declawed.

Although he is already 124, Corduroy is still very strong. He isn’t even showing any signs of slowing down at all.




Ashley first saw Corduroy when she was around 7. She recalled, “It’s truly amazing to have picked Corduroy out from a litter when I was almost 7 years old and still have him in my life today.”




If only pretty kitties could live as long as Corduroy, we could have some fluffy friend to keep us company as much and as long as we need them.





Check out these videos of Corduroy:


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