Paralyzed Street Dog Relearns How to Walk, Thanks to Animal Rescue Group


No animal deserves to be treated cruelly, so when stories about them surface on the Internet, the whole world gives out their opinion. Many would just feel sad, but others would do more than that. They will stand and make a move.

Fortunately, some animals on this planet get the immediate attention they deserve, just like this street dog named Lawson.

Lawson was a street dog living in the suburbs of Istanbul. One day, he was hit by a car, leaving him paralyzed and incapable of using his back legs. In order to move, he had to drag his lower body.

In the long run, his paralyzed back legs became worse. Because he had difficulties moving, he began to starve.

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1Fortunately, He’art of Rescue found Lawson. It is a rescue group that prioritizes the sickly and handicapped stray animals in Turkey. Without hesitations, they took the brave dog and helped him live a normal life.




Because he had a broken spine, the group provided Lawson a wheelchair so that he could relearn how to walk.


The video below shows Lawson when he first arrived at the headquarters of the rescue group. As you can see, his legs had lots of wounds and cuts as a result of dragging himself.

Now Lawson is happier than ever. Here is another video of him taking his first steps in his wheel chair.

Lawson is a smart dog. It didn’t take him long to familiarize how to use his new wheels. In fact, he is often spotted playing with his new pals while riding on it.

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