People Made an Unbelievable Human Tower – Amazing Video


What you are about to see is another testament as to why humans are amazing.

Filmmaker and photographer Drew Gardner captured an incredible footage of a large group of people forming a human tower. The video shows a team known as the Old Reds attempting to build the tower, and Gardner shot the amazing video using a 360 camera so the rare sight would look more immersive.

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Gardner traveled all the way to a small town just outside of Barcelona called Vilafranca to capture the amazing event. The infamous tower has never been successfully achieved since 1881 because of its sheer difficulty. Thousands of townsfolk peer their eyes as the team makes their best effort to make the tower a success.

They are expected to build a tower with five levels, and if that isn’t hard enough, a small child, usually called the enxaneta, must climb up to the very peak of the tower and raise four fingers to represent the Catalan flag and its four stripes.

Despite having a mishap during an initial attempt, the Old Reds were able to recover and finally achieve their goal and the crowd goes wild as the enxaneta its hand. It’s true that all’s well that ends well and the Old Reds efforts and hardships didn’t go in vain. They ended their success with a celebration that they more than deserved.

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