Watch How People Respond to Sexy Cleavage Vs. Breastfeeding in Public – Social Experiment


People would have different reactions toward seeing a woman’s breast. Some would probably say that showing them off is disgusting, while some would find it arousing. But one thing is certainly for sure: our responses will always be biased.

YouTuber Joey Salads released a social experiment to see how people would react when they saw a mother breast-feeding her child and just a random sexy woman flaunting her breasts. The results of the experiment showed that some people tend to give one-sided opinions.

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With a topic that is timely and relevant, the social experiment has already been watched more than 900,000 times only a week after it was uploaded. It got people to discuss more about the nature of public breast-feeding.

You will know people’s responses by watching the video below, and you will end up questioning yourself about what you would do if you’re caught in the same situation.

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