Pet Dog Passes Away, But not Before His Final Farewell? You Be the Judge!


Our pets are generally considered a part of the family and our best friends. Losing them is nearly the same as losing a close kin, and the pain it brings can be difficult to bear.

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Ashley Lang‘s dog, Wagner, unfortunately passed away. She desperately wanted to give his best bud a proper farewell, so she decided to spread Wagner’s ashes in their favorite park.


Because of the 12 years they spent together, bidding farewell was an emotional task. While Ashley was spreading her dog’s ashes in the park, one of her friends took her photo so she could cherish the moment forever. Upon inspecting the photo, they were stunned to see something unbelievable.

It doesn’t appear Ashley was alone






People in social media started calling it an “Angel Dog”








Angels do exist, and this is one of the proof. Love transcends everything, even species. This just goes to show that wherever our pets may be, know that they love you, and they forever will.

Ghost apparitions are supposed to be spooky, but this is just plain tear-jerking and heartwarming.

In the end, good-byes are not forever.

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