Photo From Louisiana Appears to Show Mysterious Light Coming From Abandoned Hospital


A light at an abandoned hospital in New Orleans was captured by a nurse working nearby.

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Lisa Walley Staggs of Tulane Medical Center says she works directly across the street from Charity Hospital, which has been closed since Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s a gloomy and dreary sight on the best of days…at night it’s down-right scary. Until tonight,” she said on Facebook.

“See, I park on the roof of my parking garage, and tonight as I was leaving work, I glanced over at the forgotten building, only to see the lights of a tiny Christmas tree! I wish the pictures did it justice. I don’t know how it’s lit. I don’t know how it’s even in there, but it made me smile just a little bit tonight!”

Mike Arbon, who also works at the medical center, saw the photos and took a look for himself from the roof of the parking garage.


“In the middle of the dark building is this small bright Christmas tree that was put in the window. It’s really pretty and little creepy,” he said.

“It gave me chills when I saw it and of course made me think of my brother, who passed away at charity hospital. But a very nice sight to see in the window of a dark building.”


Some people commented on the pictures, noting that there seemed to be a light in a window around Halloween as well.

“Woah…is somebody living in there? What in the world? That kinda makes it creepier to me…like are ghosts having xmas up in there?” said one.

“Looks like a figure of a person,” said another. “Homeless live in there,” said yet another.

What do you think? Ghost or just someone trying to find shelter? Either way, it’s super eerie….

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