Police Officer Saves Abandoned Baby’s Life by Breastfeeding Her


If you’re a police officer, then it is your duty to protect and serve people—and risk your life to save others, if the situation calls for it.

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While she was collecting oranges, Edinora Jimenez heard something crying. When she went to find out where the noise came from, she found a baby in the undergrowth of the forest. That was when officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea, who became a mother herself only recently, was called to report to the said place.


The baby was suffering hypothermia, was starving, and still had parts of her umbilical cord attached. Since Urrea just recently became a mother herself, she provided sustenance for the baby by breastfeeding her, which ultimately saved the infant’s life.


The baby was saved and was taken in by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute. The infant will stay under the institute’s wing, until they are able to find an adoptive home for her.

The police are still looking for the child’s mother, who is expected to face criminal charges. Jhon Arley Murillo, an orphanage director, said that the mother could face a case of attempted homicide, although the final say will always be with the prosecutor.

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