Quadcopters – The Smallest Drones in the Market


While drones and quadcopters are often confused for each other, there are actually distinguishing differences between them. Drones are flying machines that can either be remotely controlled or programmed with a flight route, which works in accordance with their GPS.

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Quadcopters, on the other hand, are more or less similar to helicopters. Only that it has four arms with a propeller and an engine at the end of each arm. Despite these differences, they still have something in common. They both come in varying shapes and sizes – from large to small, and now, really really small.



This June, was revealed the smallest drone to Pocket-lint at the London Toy Fair. It is so small that you can easily hide it in a clenched fist. Following the success of its nano quadcopter released last year, the manufacturer reduced the size of their most recent flying gadget even further and came up with the yet unnamed pico quadcopter.



According to the company’s spokesman, the tiny quadcopter can last up to five minutes in the air with every 30-minute charge. And, due to its miniature size, it comes with four bright red lights, to avoid crashing it when unnoticed by random passers-by. Also, it works on a 2.4 GHz radio signal and has a range of about 50 meters.


Just recently, another gadget giant unveiled another small quadcopter. Listed as a ‘special edition product’, the DR-1 quadcopter by OnePlus is also very small, measuring 7 centimeters across and 3 centimeters from top to bottom.


Even with just a 20-minute charge, the DR-1 quadcopter will already last eight minutes of flight time. It comes with a tiny controller as well, which initiates 4-axis flips through a simple flick of the thumb.


The manufacturer tells the buyers to “challenge your friends to a sky race” or to land it on a “ceiling fan while it’s spinning at full speed”. But later on, the company admitted it might not really be a great idea.


With all the features these quadcopters have that are similar to the drones, it may be safe to assume that they can also be referred to as smaller versions of a drone.


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Watch them in action:

More Quadcopters – The Smallest Drones

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