Incredible Rescue of American Hostage Held by Taliban Won This Navy Seal a Medal


It’s said that the only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. True, because if Navy SEAL Edward C. Byers did not jump into the picture to take action, a lot people would’ve lost their lives. His heroic act landed him the highest honor any U.S. military personnel can have.

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Byers rescued an American civilian who was held hostage by Taliban rebels in Afghanistan. Byers received the Medal of Honor, the sixth member of the Navy SEAL to get one.


The United States president himself, Barack Obama, awarded the nation’s highest military honor to Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Byers.


The President praised Byers and said, “Ed is defined by a deep sense of humility, he doesn’t seek the spotlight, in fact he shuns it. He’s the consummate quiet professional. Today’s ceremony is truly unique, a rare opportunity for the American people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that so often serves in the shadows.”

Way back in December 2012, Byers aided in the rescue of American medical doctor Dilip Joseph who was held hostage in Afghanistan’s Laghman Province.


During the operation, Byers and his teammate U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas Checque, entered a room full of armed Taliban members. Byers was the second person to enter the room, and unfortunately, his teammate passed away after taking heavy fire from the enemy, who were armed with AK-47 assault rifles.


Byers then bravely engaged the opponents into a hand-to-hand combat. He was able to defeat one of them using only one hand, while his other hand focused on his night-vision goggles.

He then shielded the doctor from gunfire by leaping toward him, right after the doctor pinned another Taliban insurgent to a wall by his throat and called out to Byers.

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