Watch Dramatic Rescue of Woman Trapped Under a Van


Ever since the creation of surveillance cameras, a lot of videos have spread across the Internet. The lenses of these cameras have helped authorities capture criminals, find out the cause of some accidents, and even capture scary footage.

One instance was when a traffic surveillance camera in China captured a dramatic accident.

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In the video, a woman can be seen crossing the street in China’s Anhui Province. As a red van took a left turn, the woman was knocked over and was dragged by the van, eventually going under it.


A passerby saw what happened and went to driver to tell him to stop the car. They then tried to save the woman, but with only of two of them, they were completely powerless. Moments later, more than a dozen people gathered around the van to help save the woman from certain death.


Although it took long, the rescue turned out to be successful, and miraculously, the woman only received minor injuries.

It’s true that unity, charity, and the willingness to help others are very rare nowadays. However, the heroism captured in this video is enough reason for you to believe in humanity again.

Watch the video below

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