This Russian Artist’s Dolls Are Creepily Realistic You Will Not Want to Look at Them Again


Dolls have those sparkly, seemingly pleading eyes that make us love them, but it turns out, not all of them are actually worth loving. Here are female dolls that have eyes so real-looking it will make you want to run away.

Russian artist Michael Zajkov‘s dolls became the subject of many headlines after words about his creations spread. Using a special type of modeling clay, mohair wigs, glass eyes, and even 13 plastic joints for each, Zajkov makes dolls that are eerily beautiful.

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Zajkov onced worked at a puppet theater, and that’s where he learned his doll-making craft. He also knows how to sew clothes for the dolls after he worked with fashion designer Irina Kuzyomina.




The sculpture student at Kuban State University in Russia has an Instagram account, where he uploads photos of the finished products and sometimes videos of how they’re made for his 326,000 followers to see. And he also sneaks in images of his dolls’ dismembered limbs and severed heads.


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