This Is Terra Wind – the $1.2M RV That Can Travel Across Land and Water


Families or individuals who frequently travel for long hours, investing in a recreational vehicle or RVs is a good idea and it’s worth it.

RV gives you the comforts of home while visiting places. Terra Wind is not your average RV because it can travel on land as well as on water. Travelling on Terra Wind is, according to its Web site, “as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land.”

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This special floating motor bus can run up to 80 mph on the ground and 7 knots in a body of water.

As seen on the video below, driving this deluxe vehicle is actually plain and simple. To move from land to water, the driver just has to continue traversing until the unit floats.

Then the road transmission should be put into a neutral position and the marine transmission put into drive. It can be controlled through a joystick located in its aircraft-like cockpit once it is in the water.

Terra Wind can be yours for a startling amount of $1.2 million, but it’s worth every cent. And oh, the interior is a must-see.

Watch the video below

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